Belize offshore company

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Companies with the lack of tax vneshneekonovicheskoy activity: Belize, Seylshelskie Islands, Marshall Islands, British Virgin Islands in addition to fees of $ 300 does not have to pay anything

Now a lot of the world's existing offshore companies. Offshore companies buy such well-known and prestigious brands like Philips, Sony, Coca Cola and many others.

Offshore companies are actual companies that are registered by lawyers in any offshore jurisdiction. Offshore companies are just offshore from the viewpoint of laws of the country in which these offshore companies were registered.

Everyone knows why buy an offshore company, all convenient to use offshore companies, tax planning, minimizing taxes its parent company, the offshore company to open a foreign bank account



British and offshore LTD LLC. Image solution with the ability to reduce their tax costs to 0%. We have reduced the price of ready-made companies in England in 2010 only to customers from the CIS - the possibility of purchasing ready-made company in the UK in the package all-inclusive: