Belize Offshore

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Offshore Belize, Belize - Offshore, it's really going offshore. Belize - complete offshore - classical - mostly. In offshore areas in Belize are no requirements for annual reporting, auditing and taxation is completely absent.

In Belizean offshore is only a fixed annual fee which is paid annually for license renewal of the activity.

In Belize offshore tax is divided into two parts: the Register of Companies of the State and local registered agent for the maintenance of the primary legal address for the company. Belize - the most popular and easy to use offshore. At the Belize offshore easily open an account with a foreign bank.

With offshore in Belize convenient and cheap work and optimize the taxation of its parent company. Belize, Offshore - your reliable tool for doing business.



Cyprus. Offshore in the EU. Retrieved years. We have reduced the price of ready-made companies in Cyprus to 50% in 2010 only to customers from the CIS - the possibility of purchasing ready-made company in Cyprus in the package all-inclusive: